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Erskine College NCATE Documents

General Background and Conceptual Framework

College Catalog

Third Party Announcement

Syllabus ED 202: Foundations and Teacher Shadow

Syllabus ED 210: Human Growth and Development

Syllabus ED 300: Principles of Learning and Diversity

Syllabus ED 301: Teaching Reading in the Secondary Schools

Syllabus ED 302: Methods of Secondary Education for Social Studies

Syllabus ED 303: Methods of Secondary Education for Mathematics

Syllabus ED 304: Methods of Secondary Education for English

Syllabus ED 308: Teaching Language Arts in the Elementary School (2-6)

Syllabus ED 401: The Teaching of Reading (PK-6)

Syllabus ED 402: Methods and Materials for Elementary Education

Syllabus ED 404: Teaching of Social Studies (PK-6)

Syllabus ED 405: Teaching Science and Math PK-6

Syllabus ED 406: Children's Literature PK-6

Syllabus ED/SE 407: Classroom Management

Syllabus ED/SE 408: Collabortion and Professionalism

Syllabus ED 409: Curriculum and Assessment of the Young Child (PK-3)

Syllabus ED 411: Methods and Materials in Early Childhood Education (PK-3)

Syllabus ED 413/SE 416: Field Experience 2, Early Childhood/Elementary/Special Ed

Syllabus ED 414/SE 417: Field Experience 3, Early Childhood/Elementary/Special Ed

Syllabus ED 415/SE 418: Field Experience 4, Early Childhood/Elementary/Special Ed

Syllabus ED 418: Field Experience, Reading/Secondary

Syllabus ED 419: Field Experience, Methods/Secondary

Syllabus ED 420: Field Experience and Methods for Seminar for PE

Syllabus ED 422/423/424/SE 426: Student Teaching

Syllabus SE 212: Introduction to Exceptional Individuals

Syllabus SE 213: Field Experience for SE 212

Syllabus SE 214: Introducation to Mild Disabilities

Syllabus SE 301: Elementary Special Education Methods

Syllabus SE 302: Assessment in Special Education-Mild Disabilities

Syllabus SE 303: Language Arts for Mild Disabilities

Syllabus SE 409: Secondary Special Education Methods

Detailed Information on Conceptual Framework

Alignment of Conceptual Framework with State, Professional, and Institutional Standards

Alignment of Dispositions with State, Professional, and Institutional Standards

A1.1 About Erskine College (also A3)

A1.2 College Catalog (pp. 5-7)

A1.3 History of Erskine College

A2.1 Mission of Erskine College

A3.1 Enrollment Data

A3.2 Majors and Minors (Catalog pp. 70-71)

A3.3 Carnegie Classfication

A3.4 Accreditation (Catalog p. 5)

B2.1 Faculty

C1.1 Conceptual Framework

C1.2 Gates 1 and 3 Portfolio Scoring Rubrics

C1.3 Gates 1 and 3 Recommendation Forms

Standard 1

1a.1.1 Title II Data 2009-2010 (Hard copy available in Documents Room)

1a.1.2 Praxis II Data

1a.4.1 Follow-up Graduate Survey (also 1b.3, 1c.4, 1d.3, and 1 g.4)

1a.4.2 Alumni Principal Survey (also 1b.3, 1c.4, 1d.3, and 1 g.4)

1a.4.3 Follow-up Survey Results for Graduate and Principal Surveys (also 1b.3, 1c.4, 1d.3, and 1 g.4)

1a.4.4 Common Rubric (also 1c.2)

1a.4.5 Description of ADEPT Key Elements

1a.4.6 Description of Conceptual Framework Indicators

1c.1.1 ADEPT-InTASC Standard Alignment

1c.1.2 ADEPT Candidate Assesment Summary Chart

1c.1.3 ADEPT Summary Data

1c.2.1 Long Range Plan Description and Rubric (Hard copies of LRP available in Documents Room)

1c.2.2 Long Range Plan Data

1c.2.3 Literacy Case Study Description and Rubric (Hard copies of LCS available in Documents Room)

1c.2.4 Literacy Case Study Data Summary

1c.2.5 PLT Data Summary

1c.2.6 Integrated Thematic Unit Description and Rubric (Hard copies of Units available in Documents Room)

1c.2.7 Integrated Thematic Unit Data Summary

1c.2.8 Student Work Sample Description (Hard copies of SWS available in Documents Room)

1c.2.9 Student Work Sample Data Summary

1c.2.10 Summary of All Data for 1c.2

1c.2.11 Syllabus ED 202/104 Foundations and Teacher Shadow

1c.2.12 Syllabus ED 210 Human Growth and Development

1c.2.13 Syllabus ED 300 Principles of Learning and Diversity

1g.2.1 Dispositions Assessment Summary

1g.3.1 Dispositions Data


Course Grades

Additional PLT Data 1

Additional PLT Data 2

Exhibit 1g3.1 Explanations

Course Evaluations 2009-2010

Course Evaluations 2010-2011

Course Evaluations Spring 2007

Course Evaluations Spring 2007 ED 404

Course Evaluations Spring 2007 ED 411

Course Evaluations Spring 2007 SE 214

Course Evaluations Spring 2007 SE 409

1c2 Data Supplement

Dispositions Data

Standard 2

2a.1.1 Unit Assessment System Overview

2a.1.2 ADEPT Candidate Assessment Summary

2a.1.3 ADEPT-InTASC Alignment

2a.1.4 Conceptual Framework Assessment Summary

2a.1.5 Unit-SPA Alignment Chart

2a.1.6 Japanese Lesson Study Description and Scoring Guide

2a.1.7 Service Learning Description and Scoring Guide

2a.1.8 Action Change Project Description and Scoring Guide

2a.2.1 Gating Process Assessments (Table 6)

2a.4.1 Interrater Reliability Chart

2b.3.1 Feedback System for Candidate Concerns(Student Handbook, p. 22-23, 4.8)

2b.3.2 Sample Teacher Education Committee minutes reflecting candidate petition process

2b.3.3 Petition Process (Catalog, p. 108)

2c.1.1 Sample Candidate Reflection

2c.1.2 Sample Individualized Growth Profile

2c.1.3 Sample Remedial Growth Plan

2c.1.4 Sample Department Meeting Minutes Reflecting Discussion of Data

2c.1.5 Field Experience Final Evaluation Forms

2c.4.1 Candidate ADEPT report

2c.4.2 Candidate Goal Sheet

2c.4.3 Course Evaluation Form

Standard 3

3a.1.1 Invitation to Teacher Education Committee Meeting

3a.1.2 Sample Minutes from Teacher Education Committee

3a.1.3 Honea Path Elementary Partnership Agreement

3a.2.1 Sample Diversity Conference Agenda

3a.2.2 Sample Action Research Grant

3a.2.3 Sample Joint Professional Development Agenda

3a.3.1 Sample District Field/Clinical Placement Agreement

3a.3.2 Field Placement Policies (Field Placement Handbook pp. 6-7, 2.3)

3b1.1 Gating Information, College Catalog p. 105-108

3b.1.2 Student Teaching Syllabus

3b.1.3 Student Teaching ADEPT Handbook, Gating Requirements

3b.1.4 Gating Policies (Student Handbook, pp. 12-15)

3b.3.1 Alignment of Conceptual Framework with Standards

3b.3.2 Description and Scoring Guide for Service Learning Unit

3b.3.3 Description of Action Research Grant

3b.3.4 Description of Japanese Lesson Study

3b.3.5 Description of Action Change Project

3b.3.6 ADEPT Observation Form

3b.4.1 Candidate Use of Technology Chart

3b.4.2 Technology Profile

3b.5.1 Cooperating Teacher Qualifications (Field Placement Handbook, pp. 7-8, 2.4)

3b.5.2 Sample Mentor Teacher Verification Form

3b.6.1 ADEPT Training Agenda

3b.6.2 Student Teaching ADEPT Handbook

3b.7.1 Student Teaching Observation Summary Chart

3b.7.2 Mid-Term Consensus Conference Form

3b.7.3 Final Consensus Conference Form

3b.7.4 Student Teaching Weekly Conference Form

3b.7.5 Daily Reflections Description

3c.3.1 Video Self-Analysis Form

3c.3.2 Sample Candidate Video

3c3.3 Japanese Lesson Study Description and Rubric

3c.4.1 Dispositions Data

3c.4.2 Summary of Means of Assessing Candidate Performance and Student Learning

3c.5.1 Student Work Sample Description and Rubric

3c.6.1 Sample Field Placement Databank

Standard 4

4a.1.1 Diversity Course Infusion Summary

4a.1.2 Syllabus ED 202/104 Foundations and Teacher Shadow

4a.1.3 Syllabus SE 212 Introduction to Exceptional Individuals

4a.1.4 Syllabus SE 213 Co-Requisite Field Experience for SE 212

4a.1.5 Syllabus ED 210 Human Growth and Development

4a.1.6 Syllabus ED 300 Principles of Learning and Diversity

4a.1.7 Syllabus ED 413/SE 416 Field Experience 2 (Elementary, Early Childhood, and Special Ed)

4a.1.8 Syllabus ED 419 Field Experience 2 (Secondary)

4a.1.9 Syllabus ED/SE 407 Classroom Management

4a.1.10 Syllabus ED 408/SE 408 Collaboration and Professionalism

4a.2.1 Morris College Partnership Agreement (also 4b.1.1 and 4c.1.1)

4a.2.2 Sample Candidate Long Range Plan

4a.2.3 Morris College-Erskine College Fall 2010 Visit Agenda

4a.3.1 Diversity Proficiencies Data

4a.3.2 Diversity Growth Checklist

4b.1.1 Description of GATES Mentoring Program

4b.1.2 Sample Diversity Conference Agenda

4b.1.3 Speaker Series Sample Reflection

4b.4.1 Objective Four, Recruitment of Diverse Faculty, Annual Diversity Report

4c.1.1 Data from Morris College Visit

4c.1.2 2010 Diversity Conference Data

4c.3.1 Minority Scholarship Criteria and Application Form

4c.3.2 Middle School Recruitment Agenda

Optional 4.1.1 Student Reponses to a Conversation on Race

Optional 4.1.2 Invitation to The Poverty Project

Standard 5

5b.2.1 Description of Candidate Reflections

5b.4.1 Use of Technology in Instruction

5c.1.1 Faculty Manual Explanation of Expectations for Scholarship (p. 13 )

5c.2.1 Summary of Recent Faculty Scholarship

5d.3.1 Summary of Unit Faculty Service

5e.1.1 Faculty Manual Explanation of Faculty Evaluations (pp. 15-17)

5e.1.2 Faculty Annual Report Form

5e.1.3 Unit Faculty Observation Feedback Form

5e.1.4 Comprehensive Faculty Evaluation Chart

Standard 6

6a.1.1 Professional Organziational Chart (also 6a.6.2)

6a.1.2 Appointment of Department Chair (Faculty Manual, p. 9)

6a.2.1 Unit Admissions Policies (Catalog pp. 105-106)

6a.2.2 Unit Admissions Policies (Student Handbook pp. 11-12)

6a.2.3 Unit Admissions Policies (Education Website)

6a.4.1 Academic Counseling and Advisory Service (Faculty Manual, p. 20)

6a.4.2 Faculty Advising Handbook

6a.6.1 Sample Education Newsletter

6b.1.1 Operating Budget by Department

6b.2.1 Council for Exceptional Children Field Day

6b.2.2 First Steps Childcare Conference Agenda

6c.1.1 Faculty Course Load Policies (Faculty Manual, p. 26)

6c.2.1 Unit Faculty Workload Summary

6c.6.1 Institutional Support for Faculty Development Table

6d.1.1 Technology Use in Faculty Instruction

6d.1.2 Candidate Use of Technology

6e.4.1 Library Departmental Budget Allocations (excluding periodicals)

6e.4.2 Library Budget Allocations by Department for Periodical Subscriptions

Erskine College State Overviews and Documents

SC Standard 1: NCATE Standards

Please refer to the NCATE Institutional Report and the NCATE Documents Lists for each standard

SC Standard 2: ADEPT

ADEPT Section Overview

SC2.1 Original ADEPT Plan July 2007

SC2.2 ADEPT State Plan Approval July 2007

SC2.3 Annual ADEPT Report July 2010

SC2.4 Appendices for July 2010 Report

SC2.5 Erskine College Catalog, pp. 104-105

SC2.6 Alignment with Conceptual Framework, Dispostions, EC Goals, and InTASC

SC2.7 Student Handbook

SC2.8 Field Experience Handbook

SC2.9 Field Experience Syllabi

SC2.10 ADEPT Formal Observation Form and Data

SC2.11 ADEPT Scoring Rubric

SC2.12 ADEPT Lesson Plan Form

SC2.13 Video Self-Analysis Form and Data

SC2.14 Self-Analysis and Professional Performance Goals Form

SC2.15 Student Teaching Syllabus

SC2.16 ADEPT Mid-Term Consensus Evaluation

SC2.17 ADEPT Final Consensus Evaluation

SC2.18 ADEPT Handbook

SC2.19 Cooperating Teacher ADEPT Training Seminar Agenda and Evaluation Data

SC2.19a Cooperating Teacher Training Signatures

SC2.20 Teacher Candidate ADEPT Training Seminar Agenda and Evaluation Data

SC2.20a Teacher Candidate Training Signatures

SC2.21 ADEPT Course Evaluation Data

SC2.22 Alumni/Principal Follow-up Feedback Surveys

SC2.23 Graduating Senior Follow-up Survey

SC2.24 Cooperating Teacher Clinical Practice ADEPT Survey

SC2.25 ADEPT Follow-up Survey Results

SC2.26 Monetary Compensation Policy

SC2.27 Student Work Sample Scoring Guide

SC2.28 ADEPT Long Range Plan Scoring Guide

SC2.29 ADEPT Unit Scoring Guide

SC2.30 Student Teaching Supervisor Chart

SC Standard 3: PADEPP (Not Applicable)

SC Standard 4: EEDA

EEDA Section Overview

SC4.1 Original EEDA Plan - July 2007

SC4.2 Updated EEDA Plan - January 2011

SC4.3 Field Experience Handbook, pp. 11, 76-84

SC4.4 EEDA Faculty Infusion Chart

SC4.5 EEDA Candidate Infusion Chart

SC4.6 Workshop Agenda, Fall Juniors

SC4.7 Workshop Signature Sheets, Fall Juniors

SC4.8 Pathways Powerpoint - Workshop Juniors

SC4.9 ADEPT Lesson Plans

SC4.10 ADEPT Lesson Plan Candidate Examples

SC4.11 Long Range Plan Candidate Examples

SC4.12 ADEPT Observation Form, p. 7

SC4.13 ADEPT EEDA Data and Analysis

SC4.14 Service Learning Project Assignment

SC4.15 Service Learning Project Scoring Guide

SC4.16 Service Learning Project Candidate Example

SC4.17 EEDA Summary Alignment Unit Chart

SC4.18 EEDA Summary Alignment Unit Chart Candidate Example

SC4.19 Workshop Agenda, Senior Spring

SC4.20 Senior Workshop Quiz and Data

SC4.21 EEDA Coded Syllabi (See General Background Section of NCATE Documents)

SC Standard 5: Standards of Conduct

Standards of Conduct Section Overview

SC5.1 Student Handbook, Appendix F

SC5.2 Field Experience Handbook

SC5.3 ADEPT Handbook, pp. 85-86

SC5.4 Signature Sheets

SC5.5 ADEPT Formal Evaluation Scores for APS 10, Key Element 4

SC Standard 6: Safe Schools Climate Act

Safe Schools Climate Act Section Overview

SC6.1 Conceptual Framework and Dispositions

SC6.2 Conceptual Framework Caring Relationships and Dispositions Data

SC6.3 ADEPT Observation Form with Addendum

SC6.4 ADEPT Data PS 8 and 9 and Addendum Data

SC6.5 Bullying Infusion Chart

SC6.6 Workshop Agendas

SC6.7 ED/SE 407: Classroom Management and Conflict Resolution Syllabus

SC6.8 Bullying Book Presentations Assignment

SC6.9 Management Philosophy Assignment Description, Rubric, and Candidate Samples

SC6.10 Action Research Proposal Assignment Description, and Candidate Samples

SC6.11 Bullying Lesson Assignment and Samples

SC6.12 Bullying Case Study Assignment, Rubric, and Candidate Samples

SC6.13 ADEPT Handbook Excerpt

SC6.14 Student Handbook, pp. 101-104

SC6.15 Field Experience Handbook, pp. 84-86

SC6.16 Syllabi Coded to Safe Schools Climate Act (see General Background Section of NCATE Documents)

SC Standard 7: PK-12 Academic Standards

PK-12 Academic Standards Section Overview

SC7.1 ADEPT Lesson Plan Template

SC7.2 Sample Lesson Plans

SC7.3 Unit Guidelines

SC7.4 Unit Graphic Representation Samples


SC7.6 Methods Course Syllabi Samples

SC7.7 Field Experience Handbook, p.11

SC Standard 8: Admissions Regulations

Admissions Regulations Section Overview

SC8.1 Erskine Catalog, pp. 105-111 (See ADEPT SC2.5)

SC8.2 Student Handbook, pp. 11-15

SC8.3 Application Directions and Forms

SC8.4 Gate 1: Admission Data Examples

SC Standard 9: Field and Clinical Requirements

Field and Clinical Requirements Section Overview

SC9.1 Field Experience Syllabi

SC9.2 Student Teaching Syllabus

SC9.3 Field Experience Handbook

SC9.4 ADEPT Handbook

SC9.5 Gate 3 Guidelines

SC9.6 Self-Analysis and Professional Goals Form

SC9.7 Video Anaysis Form

SC9.8 Service Learning Project

SC9.9 Service Learning Project Example

SC9.10 Grant Proposal and Action Research Project

SC9.11 Japanese Lesson Study Project

SC9.12 Japanese Lesson Study Project Example

SC9.13 Action Change Project Plan

SC9.14 ADEPT Observation Form

SC9.15 ED 408 Collaboration and Professionalism Syllabus

SC9.16 Student Teaching Email Reflection Samples

SC9.17 ADEPT Final Consensus Form

SC Standard 10: Eligibility for Initial Certification

Eligibility for Initial Certification Section Overview

SC10.1 Course Sequence Sheets

SC10.2 Checklist for Education Majors and Minors

SC10.3 Erskine College Catalog, pp. 103-112 (see Standard 2 ADEPT SC2.5)

SC Standard 11: Annual Reports

Annual Reports Section Overview

SC11.1 Diversity Report 2010

SC11.2 Assessment Report 2010

SC11.3 ADEPT Report 2010 (see Standard 2 ADEPT - SC2.3 and SC2.4)

SC11.4 AACTE/NCATE Report 2010 - see AIMS website NCATE Annual Reports

SC11.5 Title II Report 2010

SC Standard 12: Commitment to Diversity

Commitment to Diversity Section Overview

Please see NCATE Standard 4 Documents List for SC 12 Documentation

SC Standard 13: Professional Development Courses (Not Applicable)

SC Standard 14: Advanced Programs for Preparation of Teachers (Not Applicable)

SC Standard 15: Experimental or Innovative Programs (Not Applicable)

SC Standard 16: ISTE Standards for Technology in Education

ISTE Standards for Technology Education Section Overview

SC16.1 Faculty Use of Technology

SC16.2 Candidate Use of Technology

SC16.3 Candidate Technology Profile

SC16.4 Candidate Technology Profile Form Samples


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